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The small beginnings of a big project

Unfortunately for us researchers a big and complex project like Project Integrate can generally not be boiled down to one big question with one big answer that can be discovered in one big attempt. A big and complex project needs to be broken down into many small (but still complex) parts. And these parts need […]

ICIC13 – 11 and 12 April 2013, Berlin, Germany

ICIC13 – 11 and 12 April 2013, Berlin, Germany

The 13th ICIC in Berlin featured inspiring key note speakers from North America, Europe and Asia, reflecting the theme of the conference: Four challenges of integrated care. The increasing interest in integrated care was not only reflected by the high quality speakers, but also a record number of participants. Project INTEGRATE was represented at ICIC13 […]

Continual exchange of case study experiences

Objective for Case Studies In order to gain a better understanding of different integrated care scenarios, four cases studies have been undertaken in Project INTEGRATE. They will provide a description of the type of integration achieved and the influences which resulted in this type of integration, in a way which will allow comparisons and conclusions […]