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A collaboration within a collaboration

The kick-off of Project INTEGRATE in September 2012 heralded the start of a collaboration between 10 institutions from eight different European countries to investigate integrated care programs for chronic and age-related conditions in Europe. By now, approximately three years later, the first two phases of the project have been completed. At the moment, the phase […]

Financial flows and integrated care

Money matters. The way we pay for health care will affect both the types of services delivered, the way they are delivered and who gets access to them, Financial instruments, when appropriately designed, will help us reach our policy goals. However, financial instruments may also, when inappropriately designed, provide barriers to the same goals. The […]



Members of the Project INTEGRATE team presented their work at the 15th International Conference on Integrated Care in Edinburgh. Presentations reflected the work that is currently being undertaken as part of Phase 2 of Project INTEGRATE and afforded project group members an opportunity to test ideas with a knowledgeable audience.