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How project INTEGRATE might help conceptualize integrated care

Project INTEGRATE will describe how integrated care can be of added value to patients with chronic conditions while taking into account case, care, quality assessment and health system complexity.Today, there is no is universally accepted definition of integrated care. Integrated care is a concept that is polymorphous in its kind and that has been applied […]

Rationale for project INTEGRATE

Changing Societal Health Needs As the prevalence of chronic conditions continues to increase, along with the rapid ageing of the population, it brings with it the increasing challenge of sustainability in our healthcare systems worldwide. In European alone, chronic non-communicable diseases represent almost 80% of the total burden of disease. Active and healthy ageing is […]

The small beginnings of a big project

Unfortunately for us researchers a big and complex project like Project Integrate can generally not be boiled down to one big question with one big answer that can be discovered in one big attempt. A big and complex project needs to be broken down into many small (but still complex) parts. And these parts need […]

Continual exchange of case study experiences

Objective for Case Studies In order to gain a better understanding of different integrated care scenarios, four cases studies have been undertaken in Project INTEGRATE. They will provide a description of the type of integration achieved and the influences which resulted in this type of integration, in a way which will allow comparisons and conclusions […]