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Project INTEGRATE Final Conference (Presentations)

Project INTEGRATE Final Conference (Presentations)

The final dissemination conference of Project INTEGRATE, funded through the European Union’s Seventh Framework, took place as part of ICIC16 on Monday, 23 May 2016. This final conference described the key lessons learned across each phase of research and based on this learning provided managerial and policy recommendations for those tasked with designing and delivering […]

Magda Rosenmöller, IESE Business School, Spain (Presentation) – WCIC3

Benchmarking Integrated Care for better Management of Chronic and Age-related Conditions in Europe: findings from Project INTEGRATE Led by Magdalena Rosenmöller, IESE Business School, Spain This project has already examined four case studies of best practices of integrated care in Europe, in the areas of COPD, Mental Health, Geriatric Conditions and Diabetes, which have had a […]

Loraine Busetto on the changing role of health professionals in integrated chronic care

Loraine Busetto is a PhD student at Tranzo Scientific Center for Care and Welfare at Tilburg University, the Netherlands. Tilburg University is leading research in phase 2 of Project INTEGRATE on Human Resource Management and workforce changes. The research is about changes for health professionals in integrated care interventions for people with a chronic condition […]