Lots of learning on Integrated care in Norrtälje, Sweden

Tiohundra AB in Norrtälje, Sweden, was chosen as one of the sites for case studies within the area of mental health as part of the Project Integrate. On the 22nd of March 2016 Dr Nick Goodwin and Dr Viktoria Stein from the IFIC, visited Norrtälje in order to give some feed-back on the framework developed within the Project Integrate so far, as well as getting updated on the development of the integration of services in Norrtälje.






The seminar and workshop during the day were attended by managers and employees from Tiohundra AB and politicians and representatives from patient organizations in Norrtälje. Dr Peter Graf, the CEO of Tiohundra AB presented the organization, which is owned mutually by the county of Stockholm and the municipality of Norrtälje and provides health services as well as social services to the population of Norrtälje. This organizational and financial integration is unique in Sweden and it is the base for Tiohundra AB in our ambition to provide integrated care to our customers.int_care_peter

The audience was particularly interested in the presentation by Dr Goodwin and Dr Stein of the model for developing the pre-requisites for a successful planning and implementation of a system for integrated care (Change management) and the Rainbow Model, which provides a Taxonomy for which areas need to be considered when developing such a system. In the discussions during the workshop around to what extent the model was applicable to the Tiohundra example, it was obvious and a clear agreement on two issues, namely

• Too little effort had been put on the first steps of the Change management model i.e. the Relationship building activities
• Referring to the Rainbow model, there is much more to be done in particular regarding the perspectives of Person focused care and Normative integration.






There is no doubt that the Executive Committee and the management of the Mental health care division in our company will use these observations and findings to enhance the quality of our integrated services.

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Norrtälje in April 2016
Peter Graf
CEO, TioHundra AB