A number of Project INTEGRATE abstract submissions were accepted to the programme of the ICIC15 15th International Conference on Integrated Care which took place in Edinburgh from 25-27 March. Presentations from Project INTEGRATE partners included: Care process design: a fundamental piece or a superfluous effort? By Dr Albert Alonso; Is our workforce ready for integrated care? By Loraine Busetto; On financing models: incentives or disincentives for integrate care, By Dr Jorid Kalseth; Not without the patient!, by Joern Kiselev and; The role of ICT in integrated care: a subtle keystone, by Dr John Øvretveit. These presentations reflected the work that is currently being undertaken as part of Phase 2 of Project INTEGRATE and afforded project group members an opportunity to test ideas with a knowledgeable audience. Presentations from the session can be found on our resource page.